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What Our Customers Say

Alejandro Pedraza

It is my third time that I go to this store and the only thing I can say is you are incredible, the treatment is phenomenal, they are very friendly and professional. It is certainly my trusted store.

Alan Robson

Thank you for such pleasant and courteous service Chris the Father and the son Chris......Your Dad was always very helpful Chris as are you....Thank you ... Alan

Steven Johansen

Amazing service.What an incredible company to deal with. Thank you for going the extra mile. I highly recommend your ink solutions.

Jenni Blair

Very helpful, excellent service and easy to talk to.

Simon Evans

Great service and very helpful advice, I would highly recommend them.

Ash Johnson-Moody

Great service! Chris is even coming to help install our drum cartridge for us which is super kind! Definitely recommend

Jeanne Visagie

Small local business, family owned and operated. Such a pleasure popping in to see Chris! His knowledge is great and he always tries to find the best for you! Highly recommended going in or giving them a call as they also deliver to local businesses on the Sunshine Coast!

Grant Hutcheon

We use Your Ink Solutions for all of our printing needs. The service we have received from them has been amazing and their friendly helpful staff are a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend to any business on the Sunshine Coast to give them a call. Grant Hutcheon from Wear in Business

Ingrid Monti

Ink-redible service!!!! A Chris-duo (father and son) who provide a caring and genuine service to anyone and everyone who walks through the door. Thank you for helping me choose the right printer for my home - one that will be the most cost-effective for me and still meet all my needs. So refreshing to receive such good service and the fact that your locally owned makes it that much better!!